I solve practical problems.

I am a student, Ruby on Rails developer, web designer, photographer, cyclist, and adventurer. I like building things almost as much as I like taking them apart. I love building products that make things easier while getting out of the way. I have an obsession with simplicity and clarity, and strive for perfection and efficiency in all things. I am a recent graduate of Westmont College, and currently work as a software engineer at Appfolio

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Caketop Theater

As it becomes more and more common to host home media servers, the problem of how to get that media out to client computers becomes a more interesting one. Caketop Theater attempts to address this problem in a novel way, by providing a web based interface for browsing, and an HTML5 player for movies, tv shows, and music. Given a directory in which movies, music, or tv shows reside, it will download metadata (cover art, album art, release date, genre, cast, etc) and provide users with the ability to browse, filter, and search based on that metadata. Caketop Theater is an open source web app built on Ruby on Rails, served through Apache/Passenger. The code is available for perusal here.