Alexander Standke

This is my personal website! Here you can learn all sorts of things about me!

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About Me

I'm just learning about the internet, so this will be where I put up all of my fun tests and experiments! Of course, this page is...

I'm a full stack software developer writing well tested code in Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

Work Experience

Appfolio Property Manager 2015 - Present

I work as a full stack software engineer at Appfolio contributing to the property management workflow software. My responsibilities include writing software, teaching new hire classes, writing and prioritizing user stories, and partying hard.

Outside Open 2013 - 2015

I worked as a developer and IT professional for Outside Open, writing software solutions for local businesses and helping with network installations and general IT work.

Westmont College 2011 - 2013

As a software developer intern for Westmont College, I wrote workflow applications for various departments to help improve their processes. Apps I wrote (that remain in use today!) include an application for creating, assigning, and completing work orders, an application for inventory management and checkout of AV equipment, and a system for oauth using google apps for education.

Open Source Projects

I do a lot of work in open source. Mostly relating to media consumption and torrent management. Click here to see my GitHub profile!